Option Accounts

What is an Option Account?

The Palmers Option Account provides an alternative method of payment, avoiding the need to carry cash or cheques. It is a personal credit card that identifies you as a Palmers privileged customer. The account enables you to spread your payments to suit your own financial circumstances. Upon completion of our application form you will receive a Palmers account card. The card may be used in all departments at any of our stores except for meals in the Coffee Rooms or Thomas Cook.

How does an Option Account work?

When you come shopping in the Store simply choose the products you want, hand the sales assistant your Palmers Option Account Card, sign the bill and take your purchases home. We send you a statement each month showing details of your purchases and payments. You can then decide how much you will pay. It can be as little as 5% of the total on the statement, or £10.00 (whichever is greater). You may pay by post, by phone, in store at any till point, by standing order or direct debit. It's as easy as that.

If you decide to clear the account in full by the date shown on the statement as the due date there will be no interest charge. If you choose to spread your payments, a charge (as shown in paragraph 12 of the terms and conditions) will be made on the balance brought forward from the previous statement less any payments made during the current monthly accounting period.

Your maximum credit limit will be agreed with you when you open your Option Account. If you would like to apply for an option account, please email us: enquire@palmerstores.com. We will then send you the application form for you to complete and sign in order to become a Privileged Palmers customer!