Your Party Season Dinner Table
29th Dec 2017

Your Party Season Dinner Table

New Year’s Eve is upon us! The party heavy time of year is once again here and as the nights draw in and the big day gets closer it’s time to start planning some essential dinner parties. And at the CenterPoint of any dinner party is the dinner table, where family and friends come together to feast and enjoy the festivities together, so why not go all out and impress your guests with a wonderful dining table collection? 

We’ve done the hard work for you so you can have the best dining table possible. Make sure you stand out from your family and friends this holiday season with this wonderful selection of products, from Wine glasses and dining sets to cutlery and luxury table mats…


First of all, no dining table would be complete without a beautiful matching dinner set. This 16 Piece Denby Halo Set with its unique high glaze two-tone slate design and strong durability is perfect to get people talking. Equally, if this colourway isn’t to your taste then the Denby Natural Canvas Tableware set should be ideal, the simplistic design will stand out on any dinner table.


Any dinner table isn’t set without placemats to set your new dinner set on, here are a few of the choice placemats available now. Firstly, the lovely T&G Cork Rectangle Placemats are sure to add some simplicity to your table, the discreet mats are made from cork and are sure to protect your table as you eat. However, if you want a little colour or something different why not try these Denby Blue Woven Placemats they come in a variety of colours and are easy to clean!


Why not treat yourself to some luxury wine glasses and tumblers this year? The Stunning Swartons Wine Glasses are made in Poland and have a beautiful finish. If you like these why not take a look at these matching juice glasses? Also handcrafted in Poland, they are the ideal glass for your table. Glassware is always a lovely thing to have in and around the house so why not add it to your table for New Year. With this sparkling Dartington Glitz Wine Decanter, the decanter is embellished with Swarovski elements for a sparkling effect! Nothing says New Year like sparkles!


Arguably the most important part of any dinner is the cutlery! If it's time to throw out the old water-stained set and treat yourself to a brand-new set, the stainless-steel Arthur Price cutlery set is the perfect way to complete any dining table for your New year’s eve party.


There are hundreds of items all excellently suited to create the perfect dinner table for this festive time of the year! From kitchenware to help you make the perfect meal, some new cushions for your living room or even some specific New Year treats for your home. At Palmers we have everything you’ll need to enjoy the holiday season this year.



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