3rd Feb 2012

Wrap up warm with Snuggie – Now only £10!

Brrrrrrr! Is it just us or is colder than ever at the moment?! Here in Palmers web office we’ve got our radiators turned on full blast, we’re wearing our thermals, gloves and even silly hats but we’re still freezing.

All this frost has given us an idea, let’s give our lovely customers a big discount on something to keep them cosy and warm through this bitter period! So that’s exactly what we’ve done, JML’s Snuggie blanket (the gorgeous, fleece throw with sleeves as sung about by Bruno Mars in the Lazy Song) is now only £10.00! Usually priced at £14.99 this, now very affordable, blanket will wrap around you to keep you cosy and warm while watching TV, reading, eating or doing whatever else you want to do in your home.

Buy it now and fight that frost!

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