Pancake Day
4th Mar 2014

What is your Favourite Pancake Topping?

Last week we held a competition to win a fantastic Non-stick Pancake Pan by Judge. All entrants had to do was to share their favourite Pancake topping with us (and the rest of Twitter!) Our lucky winner was Alan Jaye whose topping of choice was a sausage and bacon mix. We had over 150 entries varying from the traditional sugar and lemon to the lesser known spaghetti hoop and pancake combo! Take a look at our Twitter Top Ten Toppings below:

No. 1 Topping: Chocolate
No. 2 Topping: Lemon & Sugar
No. 3 Topping: Syrup
No. 4 Topping: Banana
No. 5 Topping: Berries
No. 6 Topping: Honey
No. 7 Topping: Whipped Cream
No. 8 Topping: Marshmallows
No. 9 Topping: Bacon
No. 10 Topping: Ice Cream

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