What is a housewife pillowcase
23rd Oct 2013

What is a Housewife Pillowcase?

Our range of Bed Linen is extensive and the correct terminology is often confusing when trying to create an entire look. Our experts at Palmers have endeavoured to provide you with all the information you need to make your home beautiful. On the blog today, we answer one of your most popular questions; “What is a housewife pillowcase?”

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So, what is a housewife Pillowcase?

A classic and simple design, a Housewife Pillowcase is a rectangular cloth case used to cover a pillow. It is a standard size, filled entirely by a pillow and has no frills or edging to it unlike an Oxford pillowcase.

A housewife pillowcase is usually made out of cotton or polyester fabrics and can be used to cover pillows that are not on show, whilst an Oxford pillowcase is used to dress a bed elegantly. A housewife pillowcase has a neat and discreet envelope opening to one end that allows a pillow to be easily placed inside; there is also a pocket flap that is tucked around the pillow to fully contain it.

The removable case allows for easy laundering and housewife pillowcases are often interchanged to give a bedroom a whole new look and feel!

So now we all know what is a housewife pillowcase, how about some general knowledge! Pillows have always been in use to resolve the age-old problems of neck, back and head ache. However, they were also used to keep bugs and insects out of people’s hair, nose, ear and mouth whilst they were sleeping. Yuk!

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