Kylie at Home Ria bed linen with Jaya bed runner
8th Apr 2013

What is a 'Bed Runner'?

‘What is a bed runner?’ we are asked this question by our customers regularly so we thought it would be nice to share our answers here.

You may be surprised to hear that when we talk about a bed runner we are not referring to athletes who sprint across a mattress covered track, nor are we discussing someone who fetches after your every whim while you are laid up (although both of these do sound very interesting...!) Bed runners are in fact a little piece of stylish decoration to perk up the look of your bed.

Technically, bed runners cannot be classed as a throw which is generally wider and heavier and may even be quilted providing extra warmth on chilly nights. It is more a narrow, often silky accessory ideal for contemporary layering and adding a new dimension to your boudoir. You will often see a bold coloured bed runner situated the end of a bed at a snazzy hotel or B&B.

Now that Spring has sprung it is the perfect time for a bedroom makeover! The extra layer could be a cosy way to keep those toes toasty until the weather warms up. Kylie and Elizabeth Hurley have just launched their new season bedding designs and each has been assigned its own matching bed runner. The Kylie at Home Jaya Bed Runner is pictured above adding texture to the beautiful Ria bed linen. Click here to browse more of our bed runners

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