11th Aug 2015

Wedding Gift Ideas this Wedding Season

What to give newlyweds for their happily ever after

It’s the height of wedding season, so we thought we would give you a few handy pointers with the toughest decision you have to make, after you’ve sent off your RSVP and begun outfit hunting for the big day: the gift.

Getting dressed up and watching the happy couple tie the knot is something you will remember forever. However, the run up to the big day can be a challenge. Just getting yourself sorted for the day is tricky enough – with the outfit, transport, hotel and more, but then you have the gift to consider.

Whether you want to help the newslyweds-to-be style their home, inspire their love of food, or give them a more traditional keepsake of the day, our wedding gifts range has something for all tastes.

If you like the idea of a quirky keepsake that the bride and groom can carry round with them, wherever they go, the Amore by Juliana His Lordship & Her Ladyship Keyring Gift Set makes a fantastic gift, as they are simple and fun, and very unique!

We know that some brides and grooms prefer to keep things much more traditional. These couples can be much harder to buy for, as the range of traditional gifts that you can buy for a wedding is fairly limiting – so think outside the box! Why not wish the newlyweds good luck with a beautiful silver plated wedding horseshoe; the Amore by Juliana Wedding Horseshoe, makes for a meaningful memento of a couple’s big day.

However, some couples embarking on married life simply need some help beginning their lives together. Whilst a traditional or quirky gift is nice, a practical, homebuilding gift might be just the ticket to support them in starting their new family. For these couples, you’re best off thinking with your practical hat on. Take a look in our ‘Gifts for Home’ range, you can find everything from our top-selling Denby Intro Wine Glasses, to the Alex Clarke Rooster Teapot – the kind of gifts that really make a house a home.

Now, if you’re looking for something a little less serious, perhaps you’re not that close with the wedding party, or perhaps you think all the other guests have got tradition covered, we’d suggest you look in the direction of the ‘Gifts for Kitchen’ page and explore treats we have in store for you there… Although, be warned, you may be spoilt for choice and end up with a few fun ‘Gifts for Me’…

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