university home essentials
5th Sep 2016

University Home Essentials

If you’re heading to university this September, whether you're jumping straight into shared living or moving into student halls, it's time to take an assessment of what you need, which usually depends on how much room you've got. 

A student hall room, while friendly, will generally be smaller than your own bedroom at home, so it's a good idea to whittle your things down to the basics.  Obviously, you are going to stock up on the stationary essentials such as pens, pads, calculator etc and the very essential device chargers and memory sticks, but you also need to think about some living essentials and kitchen items to prepare for university life.

When planning what to take to uni, you really don't need the kitchen sink, most students will be more than happy to share the odd pot or pan anyway.  A good tip is not to take anything too expensive either! Here's some university essentials that should be on your list which won't break the bank, even if it's the bank of mum and dad! 



Starting your new life at uni, definitely calls for new bedding and this Fine Bedding Company Ultimate Sleep 10.5 Tog Duvet & Pillow Set is perfect for all year round and a bargain, reduced from £42.50 to only £13.60.  With its advanced design which helps to regulate the temperature of your body, you can be sure you won’t get too hot or too cold when you want to snuggle down.  As this duvet is non-allergenic there's no worrying about allergies either.


A fun duvet cover shows your personality and this vibrant patterned Vinyl Duvet Cover Set featuring animals is now half price at just £10.00.  If you're a self-confessed selfie queen or king then you'll love this quirky Dog Selfie Duvet Set, again reduced to only £10.00.



When it comes to filling the kitchen cupboards for university it's definitely best to take a back to basics approach, and these Noodle/Soup Bowls with handles will serve a multitude of jobs from breakfast cereal to a noodle supper.  Microwave safe, they are available in four colours with a glitter effect on the outside and, at only £2.50 each, they're great value.


Forget pots and pans, one university essential is a trusty wok, which does it all from scrambled eggs to stir fry or even chilli  The non-stick Judge Wacky Wok is ideal for the job and at only £7.99 the price is ideal too.  Just choose from the six available bright and fun colours and you'll soon the be the envy of your fellow students.  Easy to clean (always handy) and it's suitable for all types of hobs.

Why not browse our kitchen utensils and gadgets and see if you've crossed everything of your uni shopping list.



There's nothing like wrapping yourself in a fluffy towel to remind you of home, and these Julie Dodsworth Fledgling Towels are perfect for just that! Available in 3 colours, these towels have a brilliant 60% off, making them a perfect choice for the frugal student! 

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