Denby Intro Cast Iron Griddle Pan
30th Jul 2013

Twitter Winners Review Their Prize

You may remember that in June we ran a Twitter competition to win one of two Denby Denby Intro Cast Iron Griddle Pans, available in red or black. Our lucky winners were Toni and Greig and now, a month after they received their prize, we asked them to review their Griddle pans. They happily obliged with the following comments...


After always wanting a griddle pan I was delighted to win one! I have had so many compliments on my steak dinners that now it is a weekly treat rather than a special occasion one! Mushrooms were seared and juicy steaks so so moreish, I used to always have my Foreman on the side now it's this griddle pan so it's ready to go! For the low price it really is a bargain!


I’ve been using my Denby Intro Cast Iron Griddle Pan for a while now and it is fantastic! It cooks my food much better than any pan I’ve ever had! Thanks Palmers!

Thank you to Toni and Greig for these glowing reviews! For more information on the Denby Cast Iron Griddle Pan and more cast iron cookware from Denby Click Here.

This cast iron pan is currently on sale at just £16.20!

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