Spring clean your bed
12th Apr 2013

Spring clean your bed

Most of us spend around 3000 hours a year in our beds so it makes sense to give them a thorough cleanse every so often. Our short guide on how to Spring clean your bed offers a few simple steps to ensure you have a clean, fresh and healthy sleeping environment.

Step 1 – Mattress...

Start your Spring clean with the mattress. First strip off all bedding and give it a good vacuum, then flip and turn to ensure even wear (simply rotate 'no turn' mattresses). If your bed is looking a little worse for wear, why not treat yourself to a new mattress?

Step 2 - Bed Care...

The next step is to wash your mattress and pillow protectors and line dry for freshness. Protectors are great way to keep your bed clean and hygienic as well as extending the life of your mattress and adding an extra layer of comfort.

View our bed care collection which includes waterproof protectors and Coolmax covers (which are designed to help regulate your temperature, read reviews here) as well as protectors that can be home washed at 60°C – the temperature that kills nasty dust mites and other allergy activators.

Step 3 - Bedding...

Launder your duvets and pillows. If left unwashed, your bedding can collect all sorts of allergy triggering nasties, including dust mites. Pillows should be changed once a year and both duvets and pillows should be washed around 4 times a year. You can buy bedding which is designed to be washed in your home washing machine for total convenience, Fine Bedding Company Spundown is an example of such duvets. Check the label to see if yours can be washed and line dried at home for optimal freshness. If your duvet is made of feather or other natural materials you may need to take to a specialist for laundering.

Step 4 - Bed Linen...

There is nothing better than sliding into freshly laundered bed linen – the clean, crisp feel is ideal for a great night of sleep. Your duvet cover, pillowcases and sheets should all be washed around once a week.

Step 5 – What’s under your bed...?

There is no point thoroughly cleaning your bed and busting all those nasty dust mites if under your bed there is a dust infested mess of last season’s clothes, unused suitcases and other junk that you can’t find another space for! Now is the perfect time to get it all out and have a good sort out (as well as a very thorough vacuum, of course!) Clothes that you haven’t worn in years and you forgot you had – there’s a reason you erased them from your memory so take them to your local charity shop and let someone else have a go!

Now your bed is hygienic, clean and fresh and ready to offer you one of the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had! Enjoy!

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