Seaside Bedroom Ideas
12th Mar 2015

Seaside Bedroom Ideas

After a while the time will come when you feel like your bedroom could do with a touch of redecorating. Sometimes you’ll want to search for something new and appealing rather than the same old plain designs but you just need a little bit of inspiration to get you started. Well, a seaside bedroom might be just what you’re looking for and these seaside bedroom ideas are bound to revitalise your bedroom and give it a splash of new appeal.

As you probably already know Seasalt is renowned for its nautical, coastal and Cornish themed bedding. At Palmers we’ve just revealed four new Seasalt bedding designs which will undoubtedly give your room that extra bit of coastal charm.

Take the Seasalt Yacht Dot bedding for example, my personal favourite. Both sides of the duvet cover greet you with a stunning scattered motif of tiny white yachts. This attractive pattern is continued onto a standard size pillowcase whilst a square pillowcase is equally impressive but this time its tiny blue anchors which add the fine detail. If seaside bedroom ideas are what you’re after then combining these together would be the perfect start.

Alternatively you might prefer a duvet cover and pillowcase that offer a colourful stripy appearance to kick start your bedroom’s new look. The Seasalt Ashore Stripe bedding will do just that, with reds, whites, blues and a repeating pattern of tiny anchors, you’ll be sure to sleep easy at night.

These new seaside bedroom ideas have been added to our already existing bedding by Seasalt which were inspired by the beautiful coast of Cornwall. Choose which one you prefer and you’ll have your very own seaside bedroom in no time!

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