Christmas Pudding
6th Dec 2012

Palmers Favourite Christmas Recipes – 2

Make yourself a Palmers Pud! Christmas isn't complete without a gloriously booze-soaked Christmas pudding. We've got all the tools you need to make the perfect pud, so why not have a look at our kitchen range and try out our trusty Christmas pudding recipe below?

350g sultanas
350g raisins
150g dried figs
125g mixed candied peel (chopped)
100g dried apricots (chopped)
75g glace cherries (halved)
150ml brandy
2 apples (grated)
juice of 2 oranges (plus zest)
6 eggs
250g shredded suet
350g soft muscovado sugar
250g fresh breadcrumbs
175g self-raising flour
1tsp mixed spice

Soak the sultanas, raisins, figs, peel, apricots and cherries in the brandy overnight. The liquid won't cover the fruit, but just give it a good stir now and again.

Mix the grated apples, orange juice and zest, beaten eggs, suet, sugar and breadcrumbs and flour in a very large mixing bowl. Stir in the soaked fruit and the spice. 

Divide the mixture between 2 x 1.5L plastic pudding basins. Cover with greaseproof paper.

Pop the lids on the basins and steam for 3.5 hours. Allow the puddings to cool then remove the paper and store in a cool, dry place till Christmas.

To reheat simply steam the puddings for a further 3.5 hours. Turn out and flame with brandy - voila!

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