Easter Mega Egg 2019
15th Apr 2019

Make Your Own Mega Easter Egg

Easter 2019

Spring has officially sprung and Easter is just around the corner. That can only mean one thing: chocolate! We’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth here at Palmers, so naturally we can’t settle for a standard sized Easter egg. To satisfy our need for an Easter mega egg, we’ve come up with this recipe for a massive monster of an Easter treat. Head over to our baking section to find everything you’ll need to supersize your Easter this year.


1. A balloon –Ensure it’s a decent sized and not too thin, we wouldn’t want it popping!

2. Adhesive tape

3. 600g chocolate – Which type is entirely up to your taste buds, but we’re a fan of milk chocolate.     

4. Greaseproof paper

5. Baking tray – much like one from our Stellar range

6. A sharp knife – only for use by the grown-ups

7. Sweets –Let your imagination lead the way here!



1. Inflate the balloon to the size you want your egg to be. Personally, we think the bigger the better. Once you’ve got it blown up, make sure to tie a really tight knot in the end so that the air doesn’t escape.

2. Take a small piece of your adhesive tape and place it to one side of your knot. The reason for this will become clear later.

3.Using either a bain marie or a microwave, melt all of that lovely chocolate.

4. Leave the chocolate to cool. You want it cool enough so that you can dip a finger in it comfortably.

5. Grab your balloon by the knot and get to work covering it in your melted chocolate. Dip it, dribble it, pour it or brush it. Just make sure to get it well and truly covered.

6. Put your chocolatey balloon on baking tray that’s been lined with your greaseproof paper, then pop it in the fridge.

7. Wait until the surface of your chocolate is solid and not as shiny as it was. It’s important not to wait too long at this stage, as if the chocolate sets too much you’re going to have a hard time with step 8.

8. Using your sharp knife, carefully cut the balloon away from the excess chocolate that will have pooled on the baking tray. This can be a bit tricky so go slowly, and try not to pop the balloon!

9. Here’s where the adhesive tape comes in handy. Using the tip of your knife, make a small hole right in the centre of the tape. This should allow the balloon to slowly deflate, instead of bursting. Then you can simply remove it from your egg!

10. Grab your sweets of choice and fill your egg with them. The more the better!

11. Use any remaining melted chocolate to make some discs. Simply pour into your greaseproof paper and tray, then cool in the fridge.

12. Once the discs have set, place them over the opening in your egg and carefully seal the edges with some more melted chocolate. Try and get the finish nice and smooth. Once this has set you can trim away any excess.

13. Crack upon your gigantic egg and tuck into the Easterly goodness!

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