Juicing For Health
30th Oct 2014

Juicing For Health

Most of us want to keep fit and healthy throughout our lives and one of the best ways to do so is by making sure we have enough fruit. A great way to do this is by creating our own juice drink with a juicer and our chosen fruit or veg, or in other words juicing for health!

Some of us might want to keep healthy but find it difficult to do so but for this there’s an easy solution. A juicer gives us a quick and easy way to get the vital nutrients we need for good health. Just pick up whichever fruit takes your fancy and put it in a juicer, press a few buttons and out comes the juice of your choice.

With the Stellar Juicer Machine you don’t have to cut up, chop, core, de-seed or even peel your fruit because it has an extra-large feeder tube to swallow the fruit whole! This means you waste less time messing about making it and more time actually enjoying the taste. When you’re next juicing for health it’s better to drink the juice as soon as possible once it’s been made because vitamins start to disappear quickly after extraction. So be sure to make the most of the 75% of nutrients the Stellar Juicer Machine can extract!

When you next fancy a refreshing juice drink make sure you use the most ripe and fresh fruit or veg to get a thicker juice packed full of loads of vitamins and nutrients. Apple juice is one of the most popular juice drinks and a useful tip when making this is to add a touch of lemon juice too which will not only add to the flavour but also stop the juice turning brown so quickly.

Juicing for health is quick, easy and has a whole host of benefits. It’s the perfect way to get your five a day and a great way to keep healthy so next time you’re thirsty why not give the Stellar Juicer Machine a try?

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