15th May 2013

It's National Sandwich Week!

Are you sick of your regular lunchtime sarnie? Do you always use sliced white bread and fill with cheese or ham to munch with a bag of crisps while you do the crossword? Why not think out of the box this week as we celebrate National Sandwich Week 2013 and try an exciting new filling to lift the mood?

The concept of the great British sandwich is rumoured to originate from the whim of the 4th Earl of Sandwich in the 18th Century who was a keen gambling man. To avoid leaving the gambling table and feeling a little peckish, he ordered carved meat to be brought to him served between 2 slices of bread. His fellow punters ordered “the same as Sandwich!” The British Sandwich was thus born!

What is your favourite sandwich filling? Which bread tickles your taste buds? We asked our sandwich-loving Facebook friends their best recipes – here are a few of the answers to inspire your next sarnie:



“White crusty bread with a generous filling of coronation chicken OR granary bread filled with prawn mayonnaise and rocket”

“granary bread ham mustard egg mayo yum yum”

“grated cheese and carrot on brown or granary mmmmmmm”

“Homemade wholemeal, hummus, avocado and feta - this post is making me hungry!”

“Grated cheese, salad cream & cheese & onion crisps! Ultimate!!!!”

”It's grated cheese, carrot and onion on granary for me. Yum!!”

“Today mine’s a chicken mayo with leaves and balsamic on brown and a nice cup of real Italian coffee to keep me awake at my desk this afternoon!!”

“has to be brie and cranberry! Now I'm super hungry!”

“Turkey and stuffing or sweet chilli chicken with salad in a granary baguette, Mmmm.”

“Medium rare sirloin steak with English mustard. Second favourite is bacon with brown sauce.”

“Brie and bacon, yum! coronation chicken is another for me!”

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