Envy Bags Bow Front Handbag and Purse
11th Jul 2013

It's All About Bags!

It’s all about bags! This season is a goldmine for handbags – love them or hate them, you simply need to have them! Handbags for daytrips into the city, weekend bags for those short breaks, and smart bags for work – bags are the one accessory we truly cannot live without! Women’s desire for fashionable handbags has been around for centuries, there are thousands of styles to choose from to get the look just right for you!

Whether you need something compact just to chuck your essentials in like the Envy Bags Cut Out Saddle Bag, a fashion statement big enough to match your personality such as the Envy Bags Turn-Lock Contrast Bag or a practical bag with lots of space such as the Envy Bags Scoop Handbag, there are multitudes of potential finds out there waiting for you to choose them!

Fashion conscious? Why not match our Envy Bags Bow Front Handbag with the Envy Bags Bow Front Purse for the ultimate style duo.

Accessories come and go, but there is one particular accessory it is nigh on impossible to live without and that is the humble handbag. So why not indulge and check out our new online handbag range, after all – you can never have too many handbags!

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