How to sleep on a hot night
1st Aug 2014

How to sleep on a hot night

We love the Summer – longer days basking in the sun and al fresco suppers in the warm evenings but there’s no denying the heat makes your bed less than inviting. Being British, most of us aren't used to feeling hot at night and have trouble drifting off.

We're here to help! Read our top tips to keep your cool and take advantage of our great offers designed to help you sleep during the forthcoming hot August nights:

#1 Take a cold shower before you go to bed – it’s simple, bring down your body temperature before you slip under your sheets and the chances are you'll be asleep before it rises back up.

#2 Invest in a low tog duvet – the lower the better when it comes to the tog of your duvet! We suggest the Fogarty Cool For Summer 3 Tog Duvet, the lightweight natural duck feather and crisp cotton cover means you can snuggle up to your duvet without feeling suffocated. This duvet is now half price – just £37.50 for a single.

#3 Use a 'hot' water bottle – fish out your Winter hot water bottle, fill and put in the freezer for a few hours before you go to bed. Place it under your duvet 10 minutes before bedtime and, if it’s really hot, cuddle throughout the night! (You may want to wrap the water bottle in a towel to avoid getting a wet bed.)

#4 Coolmax keeps you cool – Coolmax has a revolutionary technology designed to adapt to your body temperature to keep you comfortably cool throughout even the hottest of nights. It can also help to take the heat out of memory foam.

Coolmax mattress protectors, pillow protectors and fitted sheets all currently have an extra 10% off their normal price. Not convinced? Take a look at the reviews...

#5 Keep well hydrated – restlessness and sweating during the night could lead to dehydration so drink a glass of ice cold water before you go to bed. Not only will this cool your core temperature it will also prevent dehydration. 

#6 Choose cotton sheets - polyester may be cheaper and silk may be more luxurious but nothing is cooler than crisp 100% cotton. You can sleep on your cotton sheet and sleep under it too if you don't want the weight of a duvet. Our Sanderson 100% pima cotton sheets are a delight to sleep with in the Summer and currently have 30% off.

Have you got any top tips of your own? Let us know and we’ll add them our list!

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