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3rd Nov 2016

How To Buy Curtains

Whether you’re after blackout or voiles, eyelets or pencil pleats, we can find a curtain type to suit your needs. But how do you actually decide what you want in the first place? As always, we’re here to help, follow our guide to buying curtains and making sure you get the best quality out there.



First up, you need to take a good look at the room you’re planning to decorate with new curtains. Look at the colour scheme of the room, the walls and the accessories, to determine what colour and material would fit. If it’s your bedroom, have you considered blackout curtains to ensure the perfect sleep? Or are you after ornate patterns to bring some flair to a dining room? If you lean towards the minimalist side of things, try a pattern pop like Fusion’s Copeland Curtains (from £19.80) or, if you like to mix patterns and colours in a room, keep it classy with a gentle pattern like the Curtina Sandhurst Curtains (from £25.20).


Measure up!

The key to great interior design is measurement. Wrong sizing can make a room look odd, plus there’s nothing worse than getting home to find the curtains are too short or don’t close properly, so always make sure you choose the correct sizings for your curtains and windows too! Make sure to measure your curtain pole or track width as opposed to your window width. Once you have your measurement, add around 1” to make sure the curtains meet and overlap slightly when closed. To measure the length and drop, decide if you want your curtains to reach the window sill or the floor and, again, measure downwards from the pole or track.


Decide on your hanging style

This one is down to personal preference but you’ll need to decide whether you’d like eyelet curtains or pinch pleat to suit your homes style. Eyelets will easily hang and slide on poles but pinch pleat can be hung on either poles or tracks.


Pick your curtains! 

Here at Palmers Department Store, we have a wide range of affordable designer curtains to suit every home style in many different sizes and colours. Browse our Ready Made Curtains and find your perfect pair today.

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