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19th Feb 2016

Hosting The Perfect Dinner Party

Whether you've invited family or friends to your home for a social evening and some delicious food, hosting the perfect dinner party doesn't have to be stressful if you follow a few simple guidelines.


Cook what you know... 

This has to be the golden rule when cooking for a dinner party, don't try out a new recipe just a few hours before you have six hungry guests arriving, it really is asking for a disaster!  Make sure you either practice beforehand or go for something that is tried, thoroughly tested and you know people will love.  It's also a good idea to check if your diners have any special dietary requirements so you don't get caught out.



Failing to prepare is preparing to fail – okay so it's only a dinner party, but planning ahead is guaranteed to take some pressure off any host. 


Once you decided on your recipes, and bought the ingredients, it always handy to double check you've got everything you need on the morning of the dinner party just in case!  Preparing the food ahead of time will help and having the right tools for the job from recipe book stands to chopping boards will make it so much easier. 


Never guess the measurements and weights you need, measuring all ingredients accurately gives the best chance for success even on recipes you know well. The Salter Utensil Kitchen Scales (£14.99) are perfect for the job.


Setting the table…

If you set the dining table in advance that's one job you can cross off your to do list.  A table that wows your guests before they have even tasted your food will get any dinner party off to a great start.  If you're looking for some elegant tableware, the Denby Monsoon Lucille Gold Collection is beautiful and includes co-ordinating wine glasses (£14.40) and even offers an Espresso Set to finish off your dinner party in style.  

A cutlery set that all matches really is essential, the Judge Lincoln 44 Piece Cutlery Set (£56.99) is perfect for modern dining and serves six.


Don't forget those special touches...

Everyone likes to be spoiled and as a host it's your job to ensure your guests feel special.  It's often the small touches that add up to a great evening.  A tablecloth is a must, the Peggy Wilkins Marquis Tablecloth (£12.00) is available in a range of sizes, along with the matching Napkins (£10.00) and will undoubtedly add a touch of luxury to your dinner party.


Creating the right ambience is all part of a successful evening, candles create a lovely atmosphere, and placing a tea light in the Dartington Glitz Votive (£28.80) would make a beautiful addition to the dining experience.


Hosting the perfect dinner party can be a tricky business, but remember it should be an enjoyable for you too, so try and relax, turn on some background music, light the candles and be ready to greet your guests with a smile. 

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