16th Oct 2015

Halloween Recipe Ideas

Because Halloween isn't just for the kids!

Halloween Recipe Ideas

Many people think Halloween is all about the kids, but we say “boo!” to that idea, we think it is the perfect opportunity for a spooky themed party!

A Halloween party wouldn’t be complete without spooky décor, but why not truly wow your guests by tying your refreshments into the theme? Here are our favourite recipes for grown-up trick or treaters.

Spider Web Chocolate Cupcakes

This yummy cupcake recipe not only tastes amazing, but it looks amazing too. Chic glazed cupcakes with just a hint of Halloween themed decoration, for those classier parties!

For the actual cupcake, simply whip up whatever cupcake recipe you choose, we quite like this Mary Berry one. For the spooky spider web decoration:

  • Melt a bowl of white chocolate and a bowl of dark chocolate and, once melted put a little of the dark chocolate in one piping bag and a little of the white chocolate in another.
  • On half of your cakes, spread some of the dark chocolate over your cupcake – it doesn’t need to be neat, messy is better for the theme!
  • Grab your white chocolate piping bag and pipe some circles on top, imagine a kind of dartboard layout.
  • Get a cocktail stick and drag through the chocolate from the centre to the edge, in a kind of star shape.
  • Repeat this on the other half with a white chocolate base and dark chocolate circles, and voila, your spider web cakes are ready!

Poltergeist Pizza

Pizza is always a crowd-pleaser at a party. It’s easy and tasty and can definitely be scary! Here’s how:

This one is all about the decoration too. So grab either some shop-bought bases or make some yourself, but get ready to get crafty with your decoration. You’ll need passata, mozzarella, salami and black olives.

  • Spread the passata all over the base.
  • Tear the buffalo mozzarella into ghostly shapes and arrange around the base
  • Dice 2 olives into halves to make some scary spider bodies. Thinly slice 8 olives lengthways into 4 to make legs for your spiders. Arrange these across your pizza with the halves as the body and the legs spread around these
  • If you’re feeling super creative, cut your salami into bat shapes. But if not, just scatter across the base in the spaces
  • Cook your pizza, and when it’s done, chop up some more olives into 8ths and add two pieces to each ghost for eyes

Creepy Cocktail

This one is definitely a treat, not a trick, and it’s super easy to make!

Here’s how:

  • Pour 2 shots of white rum, ½ shot of Cointreau, 3 shots of pineapple juice into a cocktail shaker with ice and give it a good shake.
  • Using a sieve to keep in the ice, pour this over a glass of fresh ice to the brim
  • Next, get 1tbsp of strawberry or raspberry puree, whichever you prefer, dip the end of a straw into this and hold your finger over the top to draw the puree up the straw. Whilst still holding your finger over the top of the straw, dip it around halfway into the drink and then remove your finger, to let the puree out, and watch the spooky spirals of red sit in your drink.
  • Do not stir, as this will ruin the effect!

How will you be celebrating Halloween? We’d love to hear your recipe ideas in the comments section. Or let us know on Facebook or Twitter.

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