29th Sep 2017

Family Dinners From Malcolm Harradine

What better way to feed the family than with a one pot dinnertime favourite? One pot dishes offer an ideal solution to family mealtime dilemmas. Enjoy fuss-free, family-friendly fare and save on the washing-up. Michael Harradine, former QVC television presenter and kitchenware expert shares his go-to, one pot favourites to help families save both time and energy in the kitchen.


Heavenly Halogen Roasts

A kitchen essential for those looking to create delicious meals quickly is the Judge Halogen Oven (£45). Powered by a halogen lamp, hot, dry air is circulated within the heating chamber to evenly cook the contents of the oven. Fast and economical, the Judge Halogen Oven cooks 3 to 5 times faster and uses less than half the energy consumption of a conventional oven. This versatile cooking method retains nutrients, meat moisture and the flavour of food. Easy to use, why not make a roast chicken dinner in half the time it would normally take? Add a teaspoon of oil to the pot, pop in the chicken and potatoes and in just over 70 minutes, the family can sit down to a ready-made, tasty roast dinner.


Slow Cooker Stews

An alternative to the Halogen Oven is the Judge Slow Cooker (£26.99). Designed for moist-heat cooking, the slow cooker produces steam which condenses on the lid, then returns to the pot, making it particularly ideal for stews, soups and casseroles.

The slow cooker is the perfect appliance for those on a budget, using only the same amount of electricity as a light bulb. It performs best with less expensive cuts of meat, such as chicken thighs, shoulders of lamb and belly of pork and works wonders with inexpensive staples, such as root vegetables, lentils and beans. Slow cookers enable families to cut back on their food budgets, while still producing delicious, nutritious food and transforming cheaper ingredients into tender and tasty dishes.

Not only economical, slow cookers are also easy to use. Simply prepare the ingredients in the morning. You can sear meat first or alternatively, just add all the ingredients straight into the slow cooker. Turn it on to slow cook, then head out for the day. Whether returning from work or a fun family day out, there’s nothing better than arriving home to the aroma of a ready-cooked meal.

With the arrival of colder weather, slow cookers provide the ultimate in home-cooked, comfort food for all the family. An Irish stew, using diced lamb, stock, potatoes, carrots and thyme is a flavoursome affair. Hearty for a cold winter's evening and delicious served with a side of green vegetables or crusty bread, this family favourite is both a crowd pleaser and easy to create.


Perfect Pies

A traditional British treat, pies are a firm favourite for family meals. Creating delicious pies couldn’t be easier with the Judge Deep Pie Maker (now £22.49). This labour-saving kitchen companion makes two, deep homemade pies in around 15 minutes. The non-stick plates are easy to clean and the appliance includes a pastry template cutter for consistent results. There are infinite possibilities for a range of perfect pies. Combine pastry with your family’s favourite sweet or savoury fillings. From chicken and mushroom to Bramley apple and blackberry, cut a slice and dig in. Make the most of leftovers too. Whether the remnants of a roast dinner or spare sausages from the fridge, get creative with ingredients for a quick and easy mouth-watering family meal. 

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