Easy Summer BBQ Tips
21st Aug 2017

Easy Summer BBQ Tips

From kitchenware expert Malcolm Harradine

BBQ season is upon us, so take out the tongs and get set for outdoor entertaining and summer fun with family and friends. Whatever the weather, make sure your guests have a great time and enjoy some fabulous fare. Malcolm Harradine, former QVC television presenter, and kitchenware expert tells you how.

Marinade in heaven

Chicken is the ideal choice for a tasty BBQ treat. Wings and thighs are the most flavoursome and work well with a variety of herbs and spices. Step up a gear from simply grilling your chicken. Make it melt in the mouth by marinating. Not only do marinades flavour meat, they also tenderise it.

From sweet and sticky to hot and spicy sauces, there are plenty of marinade recipes to tantalise the taste buds. Why not try Tandoori chicken? The chicken is marinated in a mixture of yogurt and aromatic spices. Similarly, sage is an ideal herb for a simple chicken marinade. Simply take a sprig of sage and run your hand down the stem to remove the leaves. Sprinkle the sage over the top of the chicken with some olive oil and black pepper. Put the chicken in a watertight container or plastic bag and shake it to spread the marinade. If you’re using plastic bags, make sure they are strong and tied tightly to prevent leakage when you turn the chicken.

Marinate overnight, whenever possible, as this will ensure maximum flavour. Only add salt to a marinade if you are leaving it for no more than a couple of hours. Pepper is fine overnight, but salt isn’t. Remember to season your chicken with salt just before barbecuing.

Use light olive or vegetable oil in marinades, rather than extra virgin as this burns and smokes on contact with the barbecue. Before placing the chicken on the barbecue grill, rub off any excess marinade to prevent burning the meat and making the flavour bitter.

Divine side dishes

Some guests will enjoy hot and spicy dishes, while others may prefer something a little milder. Keep everyone happy by serving some chicken with a little less chili and cayenne pepper. Alternatively, serve your spicy chicken with a cooling cucumber raita instead.

Side dishes and dips are an essential BBQ staple. A simple tomato salsa is a great accompaniment to grilled chicken. Chopped tomatoes, onion, chilies and coriander combine to create an ideal summer side dish. Similarly, olive tapenade makes a tasty treat and is perfect for dipping and sharing. Homemade dips for crudities, flatbread and crisps are an outdoor dining must. From guacamole to sour cream and chive, there are plenty of recipe ideas available. Why not take the slog out of slicing and invest in a food processor? The Judge Mini Chopper (now £17.99) makes salad and vegetable preparation simple. Shred, slice, and grate in seconds with this easy to use and indispensable kitchen addition.

Come rain or shine

Don’t let the typical British summer spoil your BBQ plans. You can still enjoy entertaining, whatever the weather. If rain looks set to blight your barbecuing, you can always reach for an umbrella. Alternatively, why not consider the Judge Non-Stick Electric Skillet (now £27.99)? This Teppanyaki-style BBQ table grill allows you to enjoy the barbecuing experience indoors. Grill at the table, out of the rain and enjoy the theatre of barbecuing while guests gather, giving advice. Whether halogen or electric, table grills offer a unique dining experience. Easy and convenient to use, table grills can be used to cook a variety of foods. Come rain or shine, serve sizzling hot BBQ favourites to friends and family.

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