Tomato Chutney
9th Aug 2013

Delicious Tomato Chutney

Mum’s best recipe!

The Ingredients:

3kg ripe tomatoes
300g onions peeled and sliced
3 teaspoons whole allspice tied tightly in a small square of muslin
1 level teaspoon cayenne pepper
1 tbs salt
300mls good malt vinegar (better flavour)
400g soft brown sugar

The Recipe:

Skin and quarter the tomatoes* Put into a preserving pan or very large saucepan with the onions. Add the bag of allspice with the cayenne and salt. Cook over gentle heat until a pulp is formed. Stir the remaining ingredients and simmer slowly until a pulp is formed. Continue cooking until nice and thick.

To test: drag a wooden spoon across the bottom of the pan. If a clear trail is left the preserve is ready. Pour into clean jars and cover. Keep in a dark place for 2-3 months to allow flavour to develop. Once opened store in the fridge and use within 1 month.

*To skin tomatoes: Cover with boiling water and leave 1 minute. The skins should split and be easy to peel off.


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