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7th Sep 2015

Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Our favourite ideas and trends for autumn 2015.

As the nights draw in and the mornings become darker, life begins to centre ever more around bed, blankets and warm fires. Is there any better feeling than being tucked up in bed with the patter of raindrops tapping at your window, reminding you just how snug you are under your duvet?

In autumn, cosiness is the order of the day, so here are a few ingredients to bring some autumn sparkle and warmth into your bedroom décor this season.

  1. Deep blues

If there’s one thing that we’ve seen across every magazine spread, it’s The Deep Blue. This may sound strange, as we’re normally looking at warm rusts and woody tones at this time of year. However, now that we’ve seen this trend, we can’t look away. The saturated teal, deep sea blue is so mesmerising that we feel we’re sinking into the depths of the North Sea. By no means should you forget about your warm rusts and woody tones, instead, place items within this colour range inside your deep sea blue room and watch the burnt oranges ignite the sea in a way that practically embodies the rain at the window feeling. 

  1. Marsala

Another perfect accompaniment to the above, Marsala is the 2015 Pantone Colour of the Year in 2015. The colour of warmth and red wine, what better time to splash this colour across one wall of your bedroom? Or, if you’re more into the deep blue colour mentioned before, why not adorn your room with marsala accessories, such as this Catherine Lansfield Grampian Stag Cushion Cover. Despite being muted tones, marsala and deep blue combination will bring enough vibrancy to your space to kick those post-summer blues to the curb. Check out our Seasalt Anemone Duvet Cover in this key colour, or this Aynsley Madison Tealight Holder, which is right on trend. 

  1. Modern/mid-century touches

Think Gplan, think 1960s, think 1970s. Modern/mid-century furnishings are having a comeback, and we love it. Now, these original pieces can come at quite a cost, but there are plenty of ways that you can bring little hints and touches in that will be reminiscent of this era. For example, mustard upholstery on a dark, angular wooden frame. Or a funky, extravagant mirror, or perhaps some pop art finishing touches?

  1. Decadent satin and sparkles.

A perfect example of this trend is the Kylie At Home range. Kylie herself oozes sophistication and glamour, and this season your bedroom should too. What’s great about this trend is that it is not only set to be a big autumn theme, but the glitz and sparkles lend themselves brilliantly to the winter and Christmas season, too!

What are your favourite autumn decorating trends for 2015? We’d love to hear from you, so why not pop us a comment in the section below?

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