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16th Sep 2015

Bath Linen Tips

Towels – How To Keep Them Soft And Fluffy.

First things first, before delving into a towel-reviving washing regime, you need to ensure that your towels are of good quality in the first place, such as the S.Oliver Striped Towel.

Wash before first use... 

When you first purchase new towels, you should wash them before you use them. This is simply for hygiene purposes, as these towels will have been in a shop or warehouse waiting to be taken home by you, meaning they may be covered in dust or oils from people's hands. Make sure you start as you mean to go on with your towel washing routine, to keep your towels in as good nick as possible.

Wash separately...

It is a good idea to wash your towels separately from other items for a number of reasons. One reason being that towels need to be washed on a higher temperature than clothes. If you are washing crisp white towels such as the Kingsley Home Subway Towels, keeping them white is also important, so we would definitely recommend using a higher temperature (although, as ever, be wary when washing bright colours with whites).

Bathroom towels generally end up with lots of soap suds and skin particles trapped in the fibres. This is one of the main culprits that will cause your towels to lose their plushness. After washing them in hot water, it is a good idea to rinse them in cold water for best results.

The second reason for washing towels separately is that towels need more room within the drum to fluff back up. Items may cause friction against the towel fibres and stop any oils or particles from washing out of them meaning that, even if they look clean, they may not be completely free from chemicals and oils.

A final reason is that many clothes items have things like zippers and buttons on them that can catch on the towels, which means you will lose all your fluffy fibres!

Use vinegar or water softening tablets...

This is an underrated trick that we swear by! Many people are sceptical about this technique as it involves a second rinse after the first wash, but if you have the time it sure is worth it. In your first wash, add half a cup of white vinegar to the wash.

Whilst there are branded detergents etc that will do this, we prefer vinegar, as it is a natural ingredient that is amazing at cutting through the build up of suds, detergent and oils in your towels. It also softens the towels but doesn’t damage them, as it is a natural ingredient. To avoid your towels smelling of vinegar, you need to ensure you have time for a second rinse, and then you’ll be left with soft, clean towels.

Drying tips... 

If you dry your clothes and bath linen on a washing line, you are best off ensuring that you are around the house whilst they are drying, so that you can keep an eye on them. The best way to maintain their softness is to line dry them until they are just damp, and then bring them inside and pop them on a radiator, or in front of a sunny but closed window. Drying them completely out in cold, moving air will only result in crispy, scratchy towels – which is no way to end a relaxing bath! 

If you have a tumble dryer, this is perhaps the best way dry to ensure softness after a wash. However, don’t just throw them in there. A top tip is to pop in some tumble dryer balls, or even some new tennis balls. Sounds strange, but the balls move around during the cycle and pound the towel fibres, fluffing them up and reviving the plushness.

Bonus tip... 

Keep your hand towels hanging up on a wide towel ring such as the Showerdrape Infinity Towel Ring, so that your towels have room to dry between uses – without this, your towels will be constantly damp, allowing bacteria to build up. 

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