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    21st Sep 2016

    Autumn/Winter 2016 Interior Design Trends

    As the evenings pull in and we start to think about our winter wardrobes, why not take a look at what this season's key interior design trends are for the home.



    Let's start with colour, because as we move into Autumn/Winter 2016 it's all about shades of grey. Being a colour that sits between white and black, grey is a neutral option, although when you…

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  • university home essentials

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    5th Sep 2016

    University Home Essentials

    If you’re heading to university this September, whether you're jumping straight into shared living or moving into student halls, it's time to take an assessment of what you need, which usually depends on how much room you've got. 

    A student hall room, while friendly, will generally be smaller than your own bedroom at home, so it's a good idea to whittle your things down to the…

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