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  • Judge Slow Cooker

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    24th Sep 2015

    Slow cooker season

    The nights are drawing in and as the seasons change we find that our eating habits alter too, and rather than salads we start craving warm and tasty dinners in the evenings. It's time to say hello to slow cooker season with delicious recipes that will tickle your taste buds.

    A slow cooker offers convenience and is economical, with just a few minutes of time prepping time invested in…

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  • S.Oliver Towel

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    16th Sep 2015

    Bath Linen Tips

    First things first, before delving into a towel-reviving washing regime, you need to ensure that your towels are of good quality in the first place, such as the S.Oliver Striped Towel.

    Wash before first use... 

    When you first purchase new towels, you should wash them before you use them. This is simply for hygiene purposes, as these towels will have been in a shop or warehouse…

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  • Aynsley Madison Tealight Holder

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    7th Sep 2015

    Bedroom Decorating Ideas

    As the nights draw in and the mornings become darker, life begins to centre ever more around bed, blankets and warm fires. Is there any better feeling than being tucked up in bed with the patter of raindrops tapping at your window, reminding you just how snug you are under your duvet?

    In autumn, cosiness is the order of the day, so here are a few ingredients to bring some autumn sparkle…

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  • Sleep Tips

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    2nd Sep 2015

    4 Top Tips for a Good Night's Sleep

    We all know that sleep makes you feel good; it leaves you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. But the importance of sleep goes much deeper than that. Sleep is the time in which your mind processes the day’s events, without this valuable time your memory, learning, decision-making, problem solving and happiness will be severely affected.  Sleep deficiency is also linked to obesity, heart…

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