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  • Elizabeth Hurley bedding

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    17th Apr 2013

    Elizabeth Hurley does it again!

    She’s done it again! Elizabeth Hurley’s new home collection is truly stunning. Each different design is inspired by a different exotic location – Arbella has a distinct Eastern influence, Venetto oozes the calm of distant shores and Zanzi takes its inspiration from the constant movement of the ocean. Each design can be teamed with her accent cushions for the perfect finishing…

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  • Spring clean your bed

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    12th Apr 2013

    Spring clean your bed

    Most of us spend around 3000 hours a year in our beds so it makes sense to give them a thorough cleanse every so often. Our short guide on how to Spring clean your bed offers a few simple steps to ensure you have a clean, fresh and healthy sleeping environment.

    Step 1 – Mattress...

    Start your Spring clean with the mattress. First strip off all bedding and give it a good vacuum…

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  • Kylie at Home Ria bed linen with Jaya bed runner

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    8th Apr 2013

    What is a 'Bed Runner'?

    ‘What is a bed runner?’ we are asked this question by our customers regularly so we thought it would be nice to share our answers here.

    You may be surprised to hear that when we talk about a bed runner we are not referring to athletes who sprint across a mattress covered track, nor are we discussing someone who fetches after your every whim while you are laid up (although both…

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