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  • Judge Slow Cooker

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    24th Sep 2015

    Slow cooker season

    The nights are drawing in and as the seasons change we find that our eating habits alter too, and rather than salads we start craving warm and tasty dinners in the evenings. It's time to say hello to slow cooker season with delicious recipes that will tickle your taste buds.

    A slow cooker offers convenience and is economical, with just a few minutes of time prepping time invested in…

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  • Valentine’s Chocolate Cake Recipe

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    10th Feb 2015

    Valentine’s Chocolate Cake Recipe


    Heart Shaped Cake Tin Morphy Richards Professional Diecast Stand Mixer Stellar 7000 Milk PanColourworks 5 Heart Shaped Cutters (for the decoration)



    200g Self Raising Flour 225g Caster Sugar ¾ Teaspoon Salt 2 Tablespoons Cocoa 50g Margarine 2 Eggs (Beaten) ½ Small Tin Evaporated Milk ½ Tin Cold Water 1 Teaspoon Vanilla…

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  • Easy Peasy Pink Cupcakes

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    31st Jan 2014

    Valentine Recipe: Easy Peasy Pink Cup Cakes

    Pink Cakes:

    Oven: 180/350/gas mark4 Equipment: 12 Heart Shaped Silicone Cases

    Ingredients: 110g butter or margarine 110g caster sugar 2 eggs ( beaten) 100g self-raising flour ( sieved) 1 tsp vanilla essence Red or pink food colouring 1-2 tbs milk

    Method: Cream the butter and sugar together in a mixing bowl with electric hand whisk or with wooden spoon until pale and creamy. Beat…

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  • Tomato Chutney

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    9th Aug 2013

    Delicious Tomato Chutney

    Mum’s best recipe!

    The Ingredients:

    3kg ripe tomatoes 300g onions peeled and sliced 3 teaspoons whole allspice tied tightly in a small square of muslin 1 level teaspoon cayenne pepper 1 tbs salt 300mls good malt vinegar (better flavour) 400g soft brown sugar

    The Recipe:

    Skin and quarter the tomatoes* Put into a preserving pan or very large saucepan with the onions. Add the…

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  • Mince Pies

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    13th Dec 2012

    Palmers Favourite Christmas Recipes – 3

    Home-made mince pies are so much more delicious than shop-bought so why not try this simple recipe and see for yourself?

    Equipment:Food ProcessorRoomy BowlSieveRolling PinPastry cutters - 1 Large, 1 MediumBun Tin

    Ingredients:For The Short Crust Pastry:225g Plain Flour 50g Soft (Stork) Margarine 50g Lard Pinch Of SaltFor The Filling:225g Made Mincemeat1 Tablespoon Brandy (Optional…

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  • Christmas Pudding

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    6th Dec 2012

    Palmers Favourite Christmas Recipes – 2

    Make yourself a Palmers Pud! Christmas isn't complete without a gloriously booze-soaked Christmas pudding. We've got all the tools you need to make the perfect pud, so why not have a look at our kitchen range and try out our trusty Christmas pudding recipe below? Ingredients:350g sultanas350g raisins150g dried figs125g mixed candied peel (chopped)100g dried apricots (chopped)75g glace cherries…

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  • Hot Ham

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    28th Nov 2012

    Palmers Favourite Christmas Recipes – 1

    For a festive start to Christmas serve this hot ham on Christmas Eve – it’s a old favourite & the leftovers will provide delicious cold ham for the rest of the week for easy catering! Served with simple parsley sauce or rich & fruity raisin sauce, both are sure to delight the family.

    Hot Roast Christmas Ham

    Ingredients:2 kg gammon joint1 onion1 carrot1 stick of celeryBouquet…

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  • Homemade Raspberry Jam

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    2nd Aug 2012

    Homemade Raspberry Jam - Yum!

    Jam fans will LOVE our new Kilner Jam Making Collection! All this talk of delicious homemade jam – spread thickly on warm toast or used as a filling for a scrumptious Victoria sponge – has got us itching to have a go at creating our own batch of fresh fruity jam.

    And have a go we did. We made 6 jars of the best raspberry jam we’ve ever tasted and we’ve all been scoffing…

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