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Prestige Create Bakeware Collection

Renew your confidence in roasting and baking using the Prestige Create Collection – a comprehensive range of aluminium bakeware. With the innovative technology of this range you can produce perfect puddings, marvellous muffins, cute cakes or beautiful buns, not to mention perfectly succulent roasts with crispy crackling every time.

All items are non-stick both inside and out allowing food particles to be easily released. You will notice that some have a unique air flow cushioning system on the base which supplies even heat distribution during cooking, developing extra crispy crusts and wonderfully springy sponges.

Bright red silicone handles provide a secure grip when lifting in and out of hot ovens. The pans are designed to withstand high oven temperatures and being dishwasher safe as well makes this range a practical and highly desirable collection for any keen cook.

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